A 1st Impression Site Takeover is the highest impact offering at Townsquare Media Rochester-Preston. Your brand will envelop and take over the entire station website with your UNMISSABLE message.​

Every single site visitor, no matter if they come to the homepage or any other site page, will first see your message and brand in every ad on the day(s) of your takeover.

Benefits & Features:​

  • Includes Billboard, Site Skin and Run of Site Banner ads.
  • High impact – cannot be missed!​
  • Runs on both desktop and mobile web.
  • Ideal for short-term, high-impact campaigns like grand openings, ​weekend sales, product launches, and recruitment.
  • Creative flexibility.
  • Maximum consumer recall.
  • Ads on desktop and mobile web will refresh after a click or 1,000 pixels of scrolling.

Below are examples of 1st Impression Site Takeovers we have built for some of our local partners: